Soft Seating


The Hyde style seat, back and arms are made from flexible moulded polyurethane foam. The plain interior area can be upholstered in fabric or leather, the outer area is quilted to follow the barrel style lines of the base and is therefore only available in fabric. IMPORTANT  . When placing the order the “base” is taken by our system to mean the external area of the upholstered back, not the metallic support. As this area is quilted leather cannot be used. The “cushion” is defined, in this product, as the inside of the back and the seat cushion. The piping is the same fabric as the “cushion” area. The “base” cannot be quilted in leather or patterned fabrics. metal base support (bronze or nacre). Ideal For Restaurants & Corporate & All Hospitality Venues & Cocktail Bars & Boutique Hotel Lobby & Bedroom Areas Hyde     is now available in a variety of new fabrics enhances the range’s possibilities